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Electronic Hardware Design

Electronic Design enables products to interact with their environment.  Sensors detect what’s going on and actuators make things happen.  Most of our designs include a microcontroller or microprocessor so that firmware can make the design smart.

Firmware & Software Design

Whether your design platform is based on a simple 8-bit microprocessor or a highly sophisticated multi-processor design, Our team can deliver a solution to fulfill your requirements

Product + Industrial Design

We are experts at designing and producing prototypes that look and work great under the budget specifed. We’ve done everything from quick mockups of ideas, 3D Priniting prototyping to ready-for-production designs. Whether you’re just trying to refine a concept or ready to transition to production, we can help.

Hardware & Software Designs Services

LM Engineering Designs offers a variety of engineering services and consulting for hardware design and development. We understand how technical risk and time to market pressures can place unreasonable demands on designers, which is why we are dedicated to helping you be successful.

Whether you are looking for a simple design concept, adding features to a current design, or need a complete design package (schematics, bill of materials, design documentation, and PCB layout files) we can help.

Crowdfunding Designs Services

Do you have a Hardware Idea you would like to put on Kickstarter or Indiegogo but don’t know how to develop it? Contact us to know more about our Crowdfunding Designs Services. We can help you Design, Prototype and Manufacture your idea and support all the technical question while running your campaign.

We don’t require any royalties or intellectual property from you, you are the sole owner of your idea, we will just help you make it a reality.

Embedded Electronics Design Services

LM engineering Designs premier embedded electronics design services. Beginning with specification development, we provides all design services required to prepare electronics for manufacturing, including:

   System Architecture Development
   Physical design
   Prototype assembly
   Debug and testing

About LM Engineering Designs LLC

At LM Engineering Designs; we are group of Research and Development Engineers with over 14 years of combined research product & development.  We analyze market trends, then design real-world solutions in emerging technologies for fortune 500 companies. To date, we have introduced over 5+ products to the high-tech marketplace.

  • Service

    We have offered our full suite of design and technology services successfully in many industries for various applications. These include embedded telemetry, retail automation, industrial automation, consumer products, military avionics, nuclear sciences, medical equipment, image processing, and many others

  • Customer Support

    Customer Satisfaction is our priority

What others say about us


Brilliant idea! I like to think this kind of project is what Google had in mind when they introduced the Nexus line as the “hackable developer unit.” This device will really help my Galaxy Nexus become the iPod replacement I want it to be


You’ve had a great idea. Its fantastic to have indipendent brands working on what the people really need. Good job.Alex

AlexCustomerMedia Wiki
Nick Miller

Awesome idea! Thanks for doing this!

Nick MillerKickstarter BackerMax Mobilcom